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Taking on 2021

A note from Kayla:

Moving into another year feels unreal after this rollercoaster of a year. I am humbled, blessed and eager at this time. I want to take this moment to officially welcome you to my website and more importantly my vision and passion. I couldn't have stumbled upon a better time to launch "The Bloom Edition."

I, myself found it imperative that my growth and mental health were at the forefront during the entirety of 2020. I learned the ins and outs of my own emotions and needs. I took on different planning habits, meditation, workout training and other helpful lifestyle tips which you'll learn about later on. I wanted to continue to be real, raw and transparent with my Kommunity. I think during these times that is what's most important to myself and others. Now isn't the time to make life look easier than it is or graze over what may help someone out of a dark place. Sensitivity, time and getting to know myself and my peers invoked this collection.

As we move into another year I am urging everyone to PLAN! Although it seems like all plans went out the window this year, having a plan and finding every reason to stick to it helps accomplish your goals, even when life throws the impossible at you. Making your daily to do's something to look forward to is achievable with a well thought out planner and some cool tools to go along with it. For this reason, I decided to take the planner journey with you, just scan your complimentary QR code that comes with your planner for tips and advice on how to utilize it effectively. I'll be recording all of my days in my planner as well and sharing as much as possible with not only my Kommunity, but the people that support and believe in me.

I am wishing prosperity and inclusion on everyone after such a "duck off" type of season. Let's make simplicity the new black. Let's prioritize ourselves and our minds. Let's invest in ourselves and our visions. The journey begins now, starting with a plan. #backtobasics

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