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My Motivation

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Many of you ask me where I get the encouragement to put myself out there, run a business, believe in myself and partake in a multitude of other things. The answer to me has always been simple. When God puts you somewhere, he gives you the fuel to get it done. I never had the blueprint for anything that I am doing, but as I go He lights my path as if I knew all along what the game plan was.

Now to be honest, my Kommunity is my second source of energy. Without you all and your faithful support, I probably would have stopped this platform a long time ago. Don't get me wrong though, there have been times when I was not hitting my sales benchmarks or getting as many views as I would have liked. During these times, I had ”Crazy Faith” as Mike Todd always says.

I could go into a multitude of stories that brought me to where I am today but I will resort to just a few in no particular order. One of the first dual enrollment college courses I ever took was speech, out of all classes someone convinced me to choose speech. I remember watching many of my classmates going up to give their presentations and literally forgetting their speech as if they never wrote it the night before (guilty). As for myself, I was late to the class on a regular basis and for this the consequence was being one of the first presenters. I will never forget my speech on a meal prep company that I threw together last minute and ended up effortlessly getting an A on. I literally was just as nervous as anyone else but I could not fail in the class, it was weird. I spoke eloquently and it came natural to me. On another occasion, I took a business class with a wonderful professor at Palm Beach State College. I recall a group project (don't like those) that consisted of coming up with a modern day lemonade stand business plan and presenting it. Long story short I got asked to stay after class to discuss my contributions to the presentation and my papers on the related topics. The teacher was impressed with my application of the topics. One last story, I took an economics class in high school with one of my favorite teachers ever and I seemed to be one of the only students that took the elective seriously. I was always intrigued by stocks, the market, the talks about people melting gold for when the market crashes (a theory) and other cool mathy, technical things. I excelled in the class and later went on to take a class in investment management at FAU. To make a long story short, I have gone through life enjoying things that I did not know I would incorporate into my daily life or even a platform. Eventually I just became a connoisseur in many topics and used them to my advantage. All these events and much work behind the scenes brought me to where I am today.

I say all this to say that I am not "self motivated," but rather self aware. The source comes from God and the motivation to stay consistent lies within my Kommunity. I just remember each day this is my calling and I would be doing myself, friends and supporters a disservice if I stopped now. We just getting started in this thang.

On that note, let's celebrate the drop of the Transcendence Collection and the "22" Collection. Whatever you do, remember you are a vessel, believe in yourself and believe in others while you are at it. I am here today with those 3 morals.

All love, Kay

at the KT Pullover shoot Summer '21

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